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Pastel Water Activated Paint Pot Bundle


Live your unicorn dream! These beautiful pastel liners are 10g of pure fun! Get creative and draw anywhere on your body. They are smudge proof and are activated with water. They are UV activated which will help you glow.
Grab one or grab them all! They can be pretty addictive (;

****This is the bundle! If you only want one we have singles available****

(Bundle includes 7 pastel shades: Pastel Orange, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pink, Pastel Green, Pastel teal, Pastel Blue, & Pastel Purple)

**Only use water on pots!! Do not use any other type of sprays or you can damage the product.
- Please allow the paint pot to dry in between uses prior to storing (to prevent moisture that leads to mold)**

How to use:
Very little water is needed to activate.
-You can simply wet your brush & then swirl the wet brush in the pot to get a creamy texture.
-use a spray bottle to wet pot (1/2 spray needed) Then swirl your brush in the pot for a creamy texture.

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